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With a motto to build everlasting bonds based on honesty, clarity and care, Daniel Tan entered into the field of Real Estate Business in 2003. Daniel chose to specialize in Residential properties since it deeply resonated with his belief. Simply put in Daniel’s words:

“People begin their life journey with various aspirations, yet the most common among them is having a humble abode for their family. A place to create and share memories and create a journey of their own. The memories created by the people living in a house, gives it a feeling of warmth and character turning it into a home. I wanted to be a part of this journey. Helping people find a house which matches their taste and expectations is how I chose to contribute to this journey. After making countless dreams a reality, all I can say is that watching a house turn into a home is a wonderful experience that always stays with you.”

Daniel’s professionalism showed results as he started to get numerous referrals from his clients. His achievements were recognized by the real estate industry as he was showered with countless accolades and awards for exceptional performance, some of them being

• Gold Achiever - Feb 2021

• Gold Achiever - Jan 2021

• Top 30% for 2020 in the largest real estate company in Singapore with >9200 agents

• Top Individual Producer – Q2, 2018

• Top Individual Producer – Q3, 2017

• Top Individual Producer – Q3, 2015

• Top Producers Award – Q2, 2015

• Top Producers Award – Q1, 2015

• Top Producers Award – Q2, 2014

• Top Producers Award – Q1, 2014

• 5 Years Ambassador Award – 2014

Daniel currently works as Associate Group Director with PropNex Realty. With a wide coverage of more than 9000 agents, it was ranked among the top 30% in the largest real estate companies in Singapore.

With an astounding career and a plethora of satisfied customers Daniel makes it a point get you your dream home. We're creating a community that links homebuyers with their dream home and assists homeowners in managing their most valuable asset. We offer simple tools, a large number of high-quality property listings, and helpful information to assist you in finding the place where you belong. So if you’re looking for a professional advisor to help you navigate the Singapore real estate market, contact Daniel Tan for a seamless and satisfying experience.

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Singapore with its stable economy and political milieu has always been favored by people looking to invest in Real estate. The added benefit of property appreciation makes it a lucrative opportunity to make an investment for the future.

Dealing in Real estate involves buying, selling and resale of properties. Though the activities may vary in their purpose but all of them have two things in common. Firstly, a vast knowledge of the real estate market and secondly the heaps of documentation that comes with it. Though the government has streamlined the processes, there still remains the need for information with regards to the different types of properties, eligibility criteria, returns etc. Since you already have the onus on you to make the final call, we at (company name) strive to make the process seamless and efficient by providing you with all the relevant information.

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Depending on the various eligibility conditions you might be able to go for a HDB property or a private one. There are various eligibility criteria like MSR, TDSR and CPF to take into consideration when taking a loan. We make sure that all the relevant information is conveyed to you, we also provide suggestions with regards to the return that you might expect from the property, best localities to live or invest in and real time information with regards to the facilities, amenities and connectivity of the locality.

Our advisors make sure that you are up to date on all the relevant facts before you make a well informed decision about investing for your future.


Our advisors make sure that you are aware of the right selling price of your property, calculate the right appreciation in the property value, the necessary documents for transferring ownership etc. Our advisors help streamline the transfer so you get the best price for your property.

We believe in providing the best and wholesome experience to our customers based on the principles of clarity and honesty so that you can rest easy and concentrate on making the final call. We don’t have any hidden charges for our services. So, take the leap and start investing in your future with us.

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